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Moscow Pullman OB/GYNPelvic organ prolapse refers to displacement of the vaginal walls and/or uterus below their normal positions. In severe cases, the vaginal walls or cervix may actually protrude beyond the vaginal opening, becoming visible outside the body. Many of our patients with pelvic organ prolapse report problems with bladder and bowel functions. However, these symptoms are not always due to pelvic organ prolapse and therefore accurate diagnosis is very important. Symptoms that are often associated with pelvic organ prolapse include urinary incontinence, difficult urination, pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse, stool incontinence, difficult defecation, as well as lower back and abdominal pain.

Some patients with pelvic organ prolapse have minimal symptoms and do not require treatment. However, for patients bothered by the symptoms caused by prolapse, there are two treatment options. For women who choose to avoid surgery, the best option is an internal vaginal support device (pessary), usually made of silicone, which supports the vaginal walls. A patient that chooses this option is fitted with the appropriate pessary during a regular gynecologic examination here in our offices.

The second option recommended by Moscow Pullman OB/GYN is surgery. In this case, our physicians will recommend a type of surgery based on the specific weakness of your ligaments and the specific areas of prolapse. A combination of several surgical procedures may be performed at one time to correct multiple areas of prolapse within the pelvis. At Moscow Pullman OB/GYN, we perform many different types of surgery for prolapse and select the procedure based on the individual patient's needs.

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